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Dave T

I was very hesitant but Taylor Bushnell and his dry needling techniques have been a game changer for me and my knee pain. When I first went to Taylor I could not walk or exercise without pain or swelling.   I am now walking, exercising and playing golf without swelling or pain.  Dry Needling Pro will exceed your expectations and take you to a higher level.

Kristen H

Taylor is truly an expert when it comes to dry needling. I was in a car accident that resulted in chronic mid back pain. After trying many other methods of rehab, and when nothing seemed to help, I turned to Taylor and the help of dry needling. I had spent a majority of my time trying to fix the pain in my back by rehabbing my back. Taylor was able to look at the body and issue as a whole, finding the source of the issue (which wasn't my back at all!). After just one session of dry needling to my scalenes, upper trapezius and SCM I got up off the table in less pain than I have had in months. As a clinician myself, I believe dry needling is an excellent resource to have to help your patients.

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