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About Dry Needling Pro

Dry Needling Pro was founded with one purpose - to teach and expand on the growing treatment interventions related to Dry Needling Therapies.  Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help practitioners develop superior palpation skills and advance their soft tissue interventions to the highest level.


Taylor Bushnell, PT, DPT, DNPro

Graduated from the University of St. Augustine in 2009. Since then he has practiced in Boston, Ma, Eugene Or, and St. Louis Mo. He has been utilizing dry needling in his practice since 2011, working with average orthopedic patients to elite level professional athletes. He is passionate in treating patients and teaching effective dry needling skills to all practitioners. Taylor pairs dry needling with other manual therapy, strength training and postural training. Taylor currently is the clinic director at Peak Sport and Spine - Mid County in St Louis, and is the owner of Momentum Lab PT a cash based PT practice and the owner and creator of Dry Needling Pro.


Laeth Hamil, PT, DPT, DNPro

Laeth graduated from Kansas University Medical Center in 2017. He has been practicing in the Kansas City area since his graduation, and is currently the clinic director at Northland Rehab in Liberty Missouri. His practice has a sports and manual therapy focus and has been utilizing dry needling for over 3 years. Laeth has a passion for complex cases and working with people who have failed other conservative treatments. In treating those cases he has found that using a multifaceted approach including manual therapy, exercise progression and Dry needling is much more efficient at improving his patients function than a single system of thought. In addition to treating complex patients Laeth has a passion for teaching. He takes on multiple clinical students and teaches dry needling to help develop practitioners skill bases. He partnered with Taylor in 2019 to expand the teaching offerings of Dry Needling Pro.

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